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we are paramore




Fall Out Boy editorial in Alternative Press, June 2005, following the release of From Under the Cork Tree.


It’s unintentionally hilarious when talking to Stump later in the day that he’s unable to remember his favorite song on the new album because the title is so long. [even more unintentionally hilarious, the article actually misspells his name as Strump the entire time.]

But what is remarkable about an album as seemingly effortless as From Under the Cork Tree is that, unbeknownst to almost everyone, Wentz nearly fell apart while making it. ‘Honestly, I didn’t care that I was even alive,’ he says, ‘For a while, I felt like I was functionally depressed. Then I stopped being able to function. I thought I was going to die.’

'You get this sick feeling in your stomach sometimes,' Wentz says of the expectations that nearly buried him back in Los Angeles. 'With people saying this is going to be 'the next big thing', the amount of pressure that people put on you can definitely be a little overwhelming and sickening.'

The reality is that the members of Fall Out Boy would make terrible rock stars if all of this were to happen.

Fall Out Boy are currently made up of some very ordinary people trying to make sense of these otherwise extraordinary conditions. If they will, well, we’ll just have to wait to see. 

'When Jay-Z  called, he told me, 'Yo, we're going to let the world know,' Wentz says with a nervous laugh. “Yeah, I guess we are.”